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Batavia FTC Robotics State Qualifying Competition

February 12, 2017 Sunday (updated 2017-02-09 @ 11:00 pm)

Fox Valley Robotics and Batavia Robotics are proud to be the regional host for the "Batavia FTC Robotics State Qualifying Competition" to be held on Sunday February 12, 2017. Qualifying teams will have a chance to continue on to the Illinois FTC State Competition on February 25. The teams competing consist of kids who are at middle and high school levels.

There is no charge for admission and the public is welcome. Bring the kids and they will have a blast watching the robots and walking thru the pit areas.

When this page is changed, the "updated" date will be modified. Teams should check back for updates on a regular basis and before attending the event.

Interested in volunteering to help out or judge?
Please fill in our Volunteer Form.

Teams needing to sign up for the competition
Go to the official registration site --- click here.

The competition this year will be held at the following location. Ample parking is available and admission is free.

Rotolo Middle School
1501 S. Raddant Road
Batavia, IL. 60510

Overview / Schedule
A tentative schedule for the event will be as follows. This schedule will be updated on February 8.

Sunday, February 12 6-10 am Setup
Sunday, February 12 8:15 am Doors open, registration, consent forms, and lunch pre-order
  9:00 am - 11:00 am Judging, inspections
  11:00 am Driver meeting / Gym / Bleechers
  11:15 am Opening Ceremonies / Gym
  11:45 am - 12:30 pm Qualifying Matches
  12:30 pm - 1:15 pm Lunch (pre-order forms due by 9:15 am)
  1:15 pm - 3:30 pm Qualifying Matches (cont)
  3:45 pm Alliance pairings
  4:30 pm Elimination Matches and Awards
  4:30-5:30 pm Awards/Closing Ceremonies
  5:30 pm Conclusion of Event

Documents for Teams Participating

Every person attending the Batavia FTC Regional agrees to the following FVR/BR/FVTech-ED Consent and Waiver of Liability for Attended Event

Every team member, mentor, and coach must turn in a FIRST Consent Form or a STIMS Roster. Any teams that are using the STIMS system to collect student consent forms electronically should bring with them a printed roster. Teams that do not bring a roster with them that shows students have electronically submitted a form through STIMS will be asked to fill out a consent form at the event.

Pre-order lunch forms are now available. They should be turned in by 9:00 am at concessions.

Team Judging and Inspection Schedule will be available the day of the event.

Qualification match schedules will be distributed during the driver meeting.

No Show Policy

Any team that for whatever reasons is unable to attend the event needs to notify us via email as soon as possible after learning of such reason. Those teams that are unsure and think that they may be unable to attend the event are asked to email us a cell phone number. This is so that we have a means to contact you if you have not checked in yet by 8:45 AM and we can make sure you will still be attending or not.

In the event that you cannot attend the day of the event, please use the contact phone number which was provided in email #1 to you to inform us of your status.

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these robotics teams from the swift completion of their appointed matches."

Directions / Maps

Batavia is located approximately
- 1 hour due west of Chicago
- 1 hour driving distance from Rockford
- 2 hours from Milwaukee

The facility which is being used is approximately 7 minutes away from the 355 Farnsworth Avenue North Exit.

Click here for google map
Click here for yahoo map

For your convenience, here are some pdf maps
Illinois and Batavia
Batavia regional
Batavia surrounding
Batavia from the expressway
Batavia Street and the competition location
More detailed regional competition location
RMS Event Facility General Layout (parking, rooms, concessions, competition, pit area)

A drop off area will be reserved in the parking lot for unloading of people or equipment.

Hotels / Accommodations and Surrounding Areas

Contact us for recommendations if you are staying overnight.

Facility Notes

No rollers or blade-like shoes allowed.
No open toed shoes allowed in the pit area or the competition floor.
Safety glasses are required on the competition floor and in the pit area.
No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility.

Internet access will not be available.
Wireless hot spots are NOT allowed in any part of the complex as they could interfere with the competition. All bluetooth devices should be turned off.

Check In (8:15-9:00am)

You will receive a "Welcome Packet" with all the pertinent information.

Don't forget to submit at the registration table the FIRST Consent Forms or the STIMS roster form.

At registration, you will be assigned a time slot and a room for judging.

(optional) Armed Forces donations should be turned in behind the registration table. See the section below for details.

Pre-order lunch forms should be dropped off at the concessions table. See below.

Formal Judging Interviews (9am-11am)

Don't be late!

Judging and inspections will start promptly at 9 am. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to walk from the pit area and to find the judging rooms. Judging will take approximately 15 minutes for each team.

Judging will be held in rooms 107-108, 114-115, and 117-119

You should bring your robot and the Engineering notebook to your judging time slot.

Parents and coaches of the team being judged are the only ones allowed in to the room during the interview. We ask that quiet be maintained in the hallways and in the rooms while the teams are being reviewed by the judges.

After a formal judging interview, judges may visit teams in the pit area and on the competition floor.

Inspections (9am-11am)

We encourage teams to go to inspection as soon as they are ready, especially if there is not a line. The sooner you pass the inspection the easier the day will go.
If this is your first competition that you are attending, arrive early so that we can guide you through the process.

Inspections will consist of three parts:

a) Hardware inspections and robot sizing
b) Software inspections
c) Field test and verification

You must pass inspection in order to compete. If you are having problems passing inspection, let us know immediately. If you don't pass inspection the first time, it's not the end of the world. We will find someone to help you. We want every team to be able to compete and have a great time.

The hardware and software inspection checklists are located in the game manual in the back.

Robot Inspection Checklist (print this out, fill it in, and bring it with you to inspection)
Field Inspection Checklist (print this out, fill it in, and bring it with you to inspection)
Robot Reliability Checklist (if you want to make sure your robot stays connected, these are some best practices)

Field type: We will be using Vex fields for both the competition and practice areas.
Details for these fields can be found at these links.
Field Specifications

General Reminders ---
The robot needs to fit within the 18" cubed sizing box. No extra parts hanging out side.
No sharp edges or un-filed metal on the robot.
Flag holder is required.
Team number should be visible from opposite sides of the robot.
Wiring should be neat and secured to avoid entaglement.
Main battery power control button should be easiliy accessible.

Pit Area

Every team member, parent, or coach who enters the pit area must have safety glasses.

Each team will have a 6' cafeteria style table in the pit area with a surge protector.

IMPORTANT: The pit area is located on a raised stage and is not easily accessible by people who have a difficult time with stairs. If a member of your group has an issue with walking up/down stairs, let us know by the Thursday before the event and we will make appropriate adjustments.

There will be an area set up with power tools operated by our people for those circumstances where you need some heavier equipment to do the job. Ask the field volunteers if you need assistance.

Awards and Advancement to the State Competition

The Batavia FTC Regional will follow the guidelines set forth by FIRST as indicated in the official game manual.

Reminders and things to check on

Bring your robot, original source code programs, computer. Make sure it works and you can modify your program properly.
Bring extra robot parts in case something breaks or needs to be replaced.
You may want to bring a back up of the program and an extra computer in case it is needed.

Don't forget to load the templates. One of the main issues for not passing inspection and for the robot not running correctly on the playing field is the lack of the template.

The Programming Templates and Resources page on the FIRST site contains other useful links.

Follow best practices for wiring leads and to avoid entanglement.

Don't forget the safety glasses!. Safety glasses are required by everyone in the pit area and in the competition field area.

Know the rules and know the inspection checklists (Game Information)
A sample Bill of Materials (BOM) is located in the Game Manual (See R5 and R6 and the Appendix in the back of the Game Manual).
Check the forum for last minute clarifications.

Bring a happy smile and a good disposition, and of course, don't forget about Gracious Professionalism, Core Values, and proper respect.
Remember, everyone is a volunteer who is trying to make this event special for you.

Food the day of the competition & concessions

A large variety of reasonably priced delicious food items will be available for purchase through-out the day, including breakfast selections, refreshments, lunch items, and snacks. We appreciate your patronage of our concessions as it helps to defray the regional costs.

Purchase can be made with cash, check, or credit card.

Pre-order lunch forms need to be turned in at check in time or by 9:00 am. (forms available the Thursday before the event)

Click her for the lunch form.

"No one that comes to our regional goes away hungry!"

Armed Forces Support

We will be collecting items for the Armed Forces. These items will be combined with our other hosted events and mailed to the armed forces. We are asking each team to bring at least one bag to donate. You can include a letter with your bag if you like.

Bags should be dropped off at the check in table.

Click here for a list of suggested items.

Other Regionals

For a complete list of all competitions, click here.

Questions that were asked by the coaches/teams:

Question: Is a BOM (bill of materials) still required?
Answer: NO

Check back soon for other updates.

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