LegoWolves Division 1st-3rd Grades

Current Season

Our season runs from approximately September thru February.
Here is an overview of what happens ---

August - we receive the new challenge
September - teams are formed, and activity begins
October - February - Working on the challenge, show me poster, model
February - Open House

2015-2016 Event - Waste Wise

FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams are about to learn that throwing something in the trash is only the beginning. In the 2015-2016 WASTE WISE Challenge, over 34,500 children ages 6 to 9 from 18 countries will look at trash in a whole new way. From reducing, to reusing, to recycling, and beyond, find out what making trash really means. Prepare to become Waste Wise!

Events consist of two parts

Robotics Model LEGO built and programmed model that represents this year's theme challenge
Show Me Poster Teams will construct a poster board which depicts their team, the challenge project, and other activities they did during the event year.

Some links for the challenge

On August 1 the official rules and regulations for this year's topic were released. Here are some links for your convenience. Some require a pdf or movie plug in. Always refer to the FIRST site for updated documents and links.

Links to major sites for this year

US FIRST - International Organization for the FIRST programs

Illinois FIRST Programs - Illinois FIRST program web site

Check back soon for other updates.

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